Keep alive a sense of wonder.

Click the moon to start.


Left click to draw.

Right click to erase.

Spacebar to reset.

Thanks for playing!

Submission for Ludum Dare 46:

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
Made withRust
TagsLudum Dare 46
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksLudum Dare


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Stumbled upon your blog post for technical interest and wow this really was quite cute!


Fun game!


This is absolutely inspiring! I just started to look into rust and wasm and this project just completely blew my mind! Awesome!!

Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback.

this is great! I’ve been trying to get rust working with glow for wasm builds, but can’t find any resources on how to actually use glow... do you mind sharing an example of how to use it?

I found a small bug, idk if its intentional but I doubt it, you can draw repeatedly through the moon to gain hight, idk why, I think its trying to process the collision and so it teleports it up/under the line so I can be manipulated to gain hight by drawing in the bottom half of the moon so it goes upwards.

Thanks for letting me know! I did find that bug, but decided not to fix it because I figured only really frustrated people would discover it and it'd help them get unstuck.

But I probably should have fixed it!

Love this! (found via HN) Thanks for sharing. Played all the way to the end. Was hoping there was something after the last level, but <3 repeats.... :)

Glad you enjoyed it Jason! 

I think the biggest mistake with this game was not hiding something after the heart. You're not the first to request that!

cute game :) would be nice with music!

Thanks for playing! 

I agree about the music, although I don't really know what sort of music would fit with it. 

my pleasure :D

perhaps some relaxing, flute or piano? something instrumental, maybe even guitar? you get my point :P